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Sassy Cyclist Women’s Cycing Wear—High-End Personal Label Manufacturing with a Personal Touch

A new line of unique, high-end cycling jerseys designed by and for women was brought to market by our Personal Label business.
Becky Redett wanted to create a different kind of cycling jersey. As an avid cyclist, she owned jerseys from almost every major brand and found them unsatisfactory.
At our first meeting, she brought her jerseys and listed her complaints: The fabric is too thin. It rides up in the back. The pockets are the wrong size. There’s not enough reflective tape for night riding. They’re too tight in the wrong places or just plain too small everywhere. The fabric isn’t “luxe” and doesn’t breathe. And last, but certainly not least, the colors and patterns were unflattering and ugly.
Becky hired us to solve every one of those problems, and we did. We pored through 8000 prints to find exactly the right print combinations. We then came up with a fit pattern that actually fit a human cyclist. We had multiple fittings on an industry fit model who critiqued the garment from top to bottom to make sure every single part of it fit exactly the way we wanted it to. The fit model pretended she was on a bike, moving her arms and head as if she were riding.
We sourced a fabulous fabric from a stock supplier in LA, shipped it to the printer in Virginia to be processed for printing, shipped it to North Carolina to be digitally printed, then shipped it to my factory in the Garment District, where it was cut and sewn.
Every project has challenges that, at the time, seem insurmountable. We have found that the best way to produce apparel is to calmly take one step at a time. Solve each problem as it arises and keep moving forward until the garments are packed, folded, shipped and ready to be sold. And that’s what we did.
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